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How to submit an abstract?

Thank you for your interest in submitting an abstract to the 3rd European Hail Workshop.

Comments on the submitted abstracts for the workshop originally planned for 2020, which was postponed to 2021 due to corona: The abstract process will be completely redone, so everyone has to submit his/her abstract again. Of course, the 2020 abstracts can be resubmitted (or updated with new results).

General remarks

  • The abstract is the basis for conveners to accept a submission and to decide about presentation type.
  • Authors will choose between a poster or oral presentation. There is no guarantee that an oral presentation can be realized.
  • Abstracts (in English) should be short (200–300 words), clear, and concise.
  • By submitting an abstract the author(s) commits to present at the workshop.
  • By submitting an abstract, the author(s) certifies that:
    • He/she is authorized by their co-authors to submit the abstract.
    • He/she has permission to reproduce material published or copyrighted elsewhere.
    • He/she agrees to the following licence and copyright agreement:


Technical guidelines

The abstract submission tool is available here.

  • Register for the abstract management system of the KIT and log in (Note: Language selection  (English/German) only possible on the login page).
  • Click 'Select' to start the submission process.
  • Click 'Add Proposal'.
  • Add title, select session (topic) and preferred type of presentation (no guarantee).
  • Add text (see General Remarks)
  • Save & continue
  • Add contributors (author & co-authors, if applicable; do not forget to add yourself):
    Choose 'Your Account' and select 'Add New Contributor' for other contributors. Select a role for each Contributor (Author, Co-Author, Presenter).
    • Enter the contributor's email (You can enter the rest of the information before the person is added to the submission. All fields are required.)
    • Supplement of personal data
  • Save & continue

  • Final control: Save & submit